Heres some links to some of my favorite online comics & other sites. Ranked in no particular order.

Alice - It's bright, it's funny, it's touching, it's incredibly well drawn
Go read it!
Over the Hedge Over the Hedge - Adventures of RJ the Raccoon and his friend Verne the turtle as they witness humanity in suburbia. Updated daily.
Sherman's Lagoon - Great humour with an all he can eat shark, a philosophical sea turtle, a hermit crab who prefers beer cans to shells - all set in the South Pacific Lagoon of Kapupu
Bruno the Bandit Bruno the Bandit - wickedly funny and very well drawn adventures about a less then ept bandit in a fantasy world. Updated Monday thru Saturday.

Dragon Tails

Dragon Tails- The adventures of 8 baby dragons left to fend for themselves. Great art. Updated Daily.


GPF- A geeky kind of comic. Again, very well drawn and very funny. Great characters and stories. Updated Monday thru Saturday.
Sluggy Freelance Sluggy Freelance - What can I say. It is quite nifty, worship the comic. Updated Daily.
User Friendly User Friendly - Another geeky comic, if you like Linux, you'll enjoy this comic. Updated Daily.
Ozy and Millie Ozy and Millie - charming well drawn funny animal strip. Ozy is a young wolf and his friend Millie is a young fox.
Freefall - Sci-Fi strip updated Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Very funny and well drawn.
Kevin & Kell - Kevin & Kell - one of the first online strips. Story of a rabbit and wolf who met in a chatroom and got married. Stephen Jacob's Web Page - just because
Pan's Home Pangea's Home Page - the original Super Continent