A Remembrance For Mr. Schulz.
As I'm sure you've all heard, Charles Schulz passed away on Saturday, February 12th, the night before his final original Peanuts cartoon ran. Mr. Schulz had announced his retirement last fall, after he was diagnosed with colon cancer and suffered some strokes during an operation. Mr. Schulz was an influence on me and many other people. The Peanuts cartoons were a reason to learn how to read, and a reason to enjoy reading. They were also an influence on my learning how to draw.

When Mr. Schulz announced his retirement, I drew the following picture as a tribute to a person who caused me so much enjoyment during my childhood and adult years. It was the picture of the day on my online comic site on January 3rd, the last day an original black & white Peanuts comic ran.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Schulz, you will not be forgotten, and your contributions to our society will be missed.

C.S. McDonald

A tribute to Mr. Schulz.

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